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Business improvement

We combine data and experience to deliver rapid, sustainable bottom line improvements 


Business performance does not always meet the expectations set by strategy. This gap may be top or bottom line related but in both cases, can be sustainably closed using the existing resources of the organisation.

We call the act of closing the performance gap Business Improvement.

Case Study

Harnessing data to drive £20m of in-year savings

A major building products supplier was looking to achieve sustainable performance improvements using its existing data assets but did not know where to start. Oaklin was engaged to develop a data analytics strategy, roadmap, implementation plan, and associated business case.

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Oaklin gave us access to first rate, experienced resources but without the downsides of having to deal with a large consultancy. They worked flexibly, built trust and it genuinely felt like they had our best interests at heart.” 

Simon Jebson – Wolseley Group Services Head of Finance Transformation

Peter Wood

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"At its heart, the business improvement capability at Oaklin is about using data and evidence to pinpoint and resolve the key issues that drive performance. It is hugely rewarding working alongside our clients, helping their employees grow, and walking away having delivered lasting change."

Peter Wood, Consultant

Peter Wood


Peter is an Oaklin Consultant and experienced programme manager. His background is in the healthcare and life sciences industry where for over 5 years he delivered change and transformation programmes across multiple health organisations. His experiences range from operations management and improvement through to national strategy and policy formulation. Peter prides himself on using creativity and insight to design and implement practical, evidence-based solutions which deliver real and sustainable change for organisations. He brings a pragmatic and tailored approach to projects and works collaboratively with stakeholders to deliver outcomes