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Change management

We help our clients manage of the 'people' side of change.

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Organisations only change when the people inside them change. By empowering individuals and teams to adapt to new priorities, challenges or ways of working, we help our clients maximise their success.

Change management combines principles learned from psychology, project management, public relations and several other disciplines to help guide people through change. This can be applied to everything from implementing a new system, to profoundly changing the culture of an organisation.  In all cases, change management addresses the emotional impact that change has on individuals, as well as the new skills and behaviours required for success.

Case Study

Leading a major change initiative for one of the UK's leading advertising business

Oaklin led a market and business transformation programme at one of the UK’s leading advertising businesses, an Out of Home (OOH) media owner. Faced with a seismic change in the marketplace, fueled by the growth in digital advertising, the client had to embrace a digital marketplace and diversify its commercial routes to market. Oaklin led the change towards new ways of selling and trading, including a reorganisation of one third of the entire business. Key to the success of this programme was bringing the business along on the journey.

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“This is the first time I’ve felt the business has approached changes in a transparent and collaborative way with the people who will be tasked with implementing these new behaviours day to day.”

Transformation Manager, Global Media Organisation

Katie Kelly

Associate Partner
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"The most rewarding aspect of my career is helping people fight the tendency towards inertia, guiding them through the uncomfortable nature of change and seeing them thrive."

Katie Kelly, Associate Partner

Katie Kelly

Associate Partner

Katie is a passionate and dynamic Business Transformation leader who is obsessed with the human side of change and continuous improvement. Katie is a Management Consultant at Oaklin and has successfully led numerous change management workstreams for largely technology centred Transformations across a breadth of industries both as an external consultant and through change management lead roles internally.

Katie has focussed her people change expertise recently by digitising the end-to-end customer journey at a financial services organisation as well as improving the end-end-customer journey at a global aerospace manufacturer during the pandemic.

Katie also sits on the CMI London Board. Katie is passionate about ensuring traditionally under-represented groups have a voice and support network in the workplace, particularly in industries and functions where challenge of workforce diversification may be further compounded, such as Digital and Technology.