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Corporate social responsibility

CSR matters at Oaklin. We acknowledge our privileged position and our duty to give back. Whether it is running in the mud to raise awareness for mental health initiatives, promoting gender equality or offsetting our carbon footprint, we are extremely proud of the work we do here.

We recognise that one size does not fit all when it comes to CSR efforts. We are guided by a set of principles we believe will generate the best outcome not only for our CSR partners, but also for us as a firm. These include:

  • Any work we do must genuinely add value and be sustainable
  • Building meaninful and sustainable relationships that are based around trust and shared values
  • Fostering inclusivity; having a CSR agenda that everyone feels they can get involved in and be part of
  • Using CSR as a platform to bring us closer together as an organisation. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Give As You Earn (GAYE)

We also provide an optional opportunity for employees to donate a percentage of their salary to the selected charity for that year.

Oaklin and YoungMinds

Rates of mental health problems among children and young people have risen over the last fifty years. We recognise the importance good mental health plays towards young people’s emotional and intellectual growth and are proud to support some of the most vulnerable populations in our communities through our YoungMinds partnership. Our partnership has flourished since its inception. From holding community fundraising events and activities in the form of bake sales, Tough Mudder participation and sweepstakes, we have also been able to contribute in other ways; Whether it is helping shape a pricing and delivery strategy, or strategising over a go to market strategy or acting as a sounding board for ideas, through our multi-faceted partnership, we have ensured our relationship is sustainable and meaningful.


“Oaklin supported our work last year to review our training and consultancy offer. Over a six month time frame, they contributed strategically, bringing fresh and commercial thinking to our work and operationally, providing rich data analysis and spotting new market opportunities. It was extremely useful to have the Oaklin team alongside us at every stage of the project, different members of their team helped at each stage, bringing different skill sets and insight depending on our needs. All were super smart, hardworking and professional. We felt very lucky to have their support and it made a real difference to the quality of our work.” 

Roxane Caplan, Head of Service Development, YoungMinds


£'s Raised For YoungMinds


Tonnes of Co2 offset


Sweepstake & Fantasy League Entries