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Diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion should be celebrated. At Oaklin, we understand the challenges faced by marginalised groups in the workplace so we ensure that differences are embraced. We harness the unique perspectives at Oaklin for the good of our work, our clients and most importantly, each other.

Inclusion in action

Everyone at Oaklin is committed to applying inclusion to everything we do. Our Diversity, equity and inclusion Working Group regularly explores how we can continue to push ourselves to bring diversity, equity and inclusion to life. The group manages a range of activities from reviewing employee benefits to looking for unintended bias in messaging to planning events that celebrate diversity.

Oaklin truly places diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do and this stems from the partners down. We acknowledge that only in such an environment will our people be at their best at home and at work. Client work can often be overwhelming, but I know that in Oaklin I can always raise my hand for help without fear of reprisal or recrimination. This is truly refreshing compared to the mentality I have seen in other organisations, where Inclusion and Diversity is often treated as a PR exercise.

Jamie Mason, Consultant

Open discussions

At Oaklin, we work without titles. Our flat structure allows us to function as a team that values everyone’s ideas – without the boundaries created by hierarchy. Everyone is encouraged to help Oaklin grow and thrive, regardless of their role. This has led to the creation of internal initiatives that people are passionate about.

Our People

Pride at Oaklin

Oaklin celebrated Pride month in several fun ways. Our celebrations tied into our firm value of being Inclusive, whilst being educational and benefitting the LGBTQ+ community.

Our first event of the month was our Pride lunch, where anyone in the office could get a delicious free lunch and donate the usual cost of their meal to a local charity supporting young LGBTQ+ people and their families.

We also hosted a Pride book club where we chose to focus on Queer Intentions by Amelia Abraham, because it’s a funny, moving, and personal account of the many LGBTQ+ people Abraham has met, and questions how far LGBTQ+ rights have come and how far society has left to go to fight against discrimination.


Not only do Oaklin focus on Wellbeing of Children, through YoungMinds, but we’re also very proud of our active employee wellbeing programme. Wellbeing of our workforce is central to our people management and we aim to build our resilience to cope better in times of poor mental health and provide support services in times of struggle. We offer a comprehensive range of mental health and emotional wellbeing services.

We understand the importance of maintaining our physical health (offering a weekly morning workout session run by one of our consultants as well as a Cycle to Work Scheme) and in the same way, we’re aware of the importance of good mental health. Working to enhance and maintain our mental health and emotional resilience can better position our people to reach their full potential and play full part in their relationships, workplace and community.

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