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Financial stewardship

At Oaklin, we take our social contract seriously, and strive to make a positive impact to society. We aim to do this across a number of different social and operational initiatives.

Ethical investing

We are committed to providing employees robust pension investment options that deliver strong returns while promoting a sustainable future. From day 1, new employee pension contributions are directed by default to Oaklin’s Stewardship Fund.

First introduced in 1984, the Stewardship Fund has a proud heritage as part of the UK’s first ethical fund range.

Prompt payments

At Oaklin, we have made a commitment to pay all of our invoices within terms. In practice this means:

  • Treating all our suppliers equally and fairly
  • Paying our suppliers within the terms agreed at the outset of the contract, without attempting to change payment terms retrospectively and without changing practice on length of payment for smaller companies on unreasonable grounds
  • Providing clear guidance to suppliers on payment procedures
  • Ensuring there is a system for dealing with complaints and disputes which is communicated to suppliers
  • Advising suppliers promptly if there is any reason why an invoice will not be paid to the agreed terms.
  • By requesting that lead suppliers encourage adoption of the code throughout their own supply chains.

Practicing fair tax

At Oaklin, we take our tax responsibilities very seriously. We acknowledge the role this has for the society within which we operate; it contributes to vital public services from welfare to health, education to maintaining roads and highways and so on. Our principles for paying tax include:

  • Obtaining expert consultancy from our accounting partners to ensure compliance to tax codes
  • Paying the right amount of tax, at the right time, in the right place
  • Regularly reviewing tax legislation and ensuring our tax practices are compatible with regulations.

Real living wage

At Oaklin, we believe all of our staff deserve a wage that meets their everyday needs. As a London-based employer, we are proud to confirm that all of our current and future employees will always receive a wage that is greater than the London Living Wage.