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Five steps to delivering a successful ERP system

ERP transformation: insurmountable hurdle or essential step to a modern and efficient business? Oaklin Partner Danny Kelly shares our experiences on what it takes to make an ERP programme successful.

"According to Panorama’s 2015 ERP Report, 53-percent of ERP implementations realise less than half of expected business benefits they anticipated from the new ERP software, and 11-percent of ERP implementations have not yet recouped any costs."

The benefits of implementing a best in class ERP system are well understood, but it remains one of the most challenging areas for organisations looking to modernise their business. We asked ourselves how organisations can get more value out of their IT capital expenditure and achieve the often promised benefits from implementing an integrated ERP suite.

While there is no single formula for success, our recent experience leads us to conclude that there are five themes that, if followed, can help to ensure a successful ERP transformation journey.

1. Effective leadership and governance;
2. Sound programme management with the right resources;
3. Clarity around vendor management;
4. Good understanding of the data in legacy systems;
5. Addressing the change management challenge.

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Author: Danny Kelly, Partner