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Influential Businesswoman award win

Supporting an inclusive and diverse workplace is so important to us so we are especially pleased one of our consultants, Katie Kelly has been recognised for her exceptional efforts in this space at the Influential Businesswoman Awards. Katie was awarded 'Most Inclusive Management Consultant'. Well done, Katie.

Please find an excerpt from the article explaining the win below or to read the full article (and find out about the other winners), please click here

"My first experiences of post-university employment were both quite heavily male-dominated and accompanied by the obvious challenges as a result. When it comes to consultancy, I feel that it is mainly the industries you work in that define your experience as a woman."

Katie Kelly, Consultant

Katie Kelly

Associate Partner
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Katie Kelly

Associate Partner

Katie is a passionate and dynamic Business Transformation leader who is obsessed with the human side of change and continuous improvement. Katie is a Management Consultant at Oaklin and has successfully led numerous change management workstreams for largely technology centred Transformations across a breadth of industries both as an external consultant and through change management lead roles internally.

Katie has focussed her people change expertise recently by digitising the end-to-end customer journey at a financial services organisation as well as improving the end-end-customer journey at a global aerospace manufacturer during the pandemic.

Katie also sits on the CMI London Board. Katie is passionate about ensuring traditionally under-represented groups have a voice and support network in the workplace, particularly in industries and functions where challenge of workforce diversification may be further compounded, such as Digital and Technology.