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Making agile work

Drawing benefits from an agile delivery approach.

"The advantages associated with the iterative delivery of products, applications or processes include
productivity, speed to benefit, capital investment and collaboration."

Agile is mainstream. No longer solely the modus operandi of start-ups and software engineers,
Agile principles and delivery methodologies are used cross-industry and cross-function by the world’s
largest and most complex companies. There must be something in it for Agile to have attained this level of adoption, and there is. Deployed in the right context, with the right people and processes, there are clear advantages to the approach, which can achieve benefits with relatively small investments.

There are plenty of Agile definitions online, with multiple terms used to describe the same process steps, documents and stages. Whilst we at Oaklin have our own views on the specifics of implementing Agile processes, this Insight focuses on the rationale for ‘going Agile’ and the major factors that influence the success of Agile delivery implementation. In particular those that drive rapid evolution and pilot-to-scale expansion. This insight delivers pragmatic advice on the advantages of this methodology and explains how to unlock its success.

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