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Transforming without transformation: achievable change in an economic storm

We live in extraordinary times. The world around us feels unfamiliar, uncertain, and the future is harder to predict. It’s not an easy time for businesses. With global economic turbulence and rising inflation, the ground beneath our feet is unstable.  

How should you navigate these challenges as an organisation?

With the world changing so fast, tried and tested strategies and approaches are no longer fit for purpose. Organisations must become more nimble, able to adapt and experiment – to become agile to their core, and able to effect change safely and quickly.  

Change in times of uncertainty is daunting. With the headwinds against us, it is tempting to batten down the hatches and sit tight. Our appetite for risk is reducing, and the cost of capital is rising. Making the changes that your business needs to stay ahead of and exploit current challenges and allow it to thrive feel far harder than usual.  

Yet history shows us that tough times can drive companies to become more innovative, more resilient. It can force us to look at things differently, re-evaluate business goals and strategy and, ultimately, make decisions that can future-proof a business.   

At Oaklin, we believe in transforming without transformation – enabling organisations to make targeted changes that bring the most impact with the least cost and risk. It’s an approach that embraces and harnesses the benefits of moving incrementally to realise your strategy without the risks of large-scale transformation.  

Oaklin’s depth and breadth of expertise is coupled with innovative, boldly-creative thinking.  

We will give you: 

  • Clarity on a strategy that addresses the new reality your business is facing. 
  • A roadmap that is practical and achievable, which manages risk, minimises commitment, and is affordable.  
  • Incremental change that demonstrates value quickly, builds confidence, and moves continuously to achieve the strategy, with change that is often self-funding from benefits realised in-year. 
  • Less disruption and uncertainty to your teams through a tightly managed, incremental change agenda. 
  • An approach that is suited to now: transforming without transformation. 

Stephanie Meehan

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Stephanie Meehan


Stephanie Meehan is Oaklin’s Operations Director and International Business Coordinator. She is no stranger to consulting having previously worked at Deloitte, Andersen Business Consulting and the Berkeley Partnership. She has a master’s degree in health psychology as well as degrees in psychology and traditional Chinese acupuncture.