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UK Retail: Through lockdown lenses

Oaklin Partner Danny Kelly takes a look at the UK Retail Industry through lockdown lenses, as he considers the impact of COVID-19 on an industry already challenged by sweeping changes.

"Some pundits are heralding a post COVID-19 nirvana; an alignment of the #BeKind movement; a realisation that the pandemic and climate change are simultaneously linked to our carelessness with the environment, and that lessons learned during lockdown, including online retailing, successful flexible/remote working and
reduced travel, will prevail once restrictions are lifted. Are they right?"

In late January, I presented a workshop on the state of the UK Retail Industry for our new intake of Business Analysts. That seems like a lifetime ago now.

Having been on lockdown for the past few weeks, and whilst in between Teams meetings, kids’ schoolwork, Zoom calls and refereeing said kids, I took the opportunity to review the workshop materials through lockdown lenses.

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Author: Danny Kelly, Partner