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Using architecture to transform a retail business

Enabling the launch of a growth programme for a pan-Canadian retailer, Oaklin was asked to build consensus across the Executive Leadership Team to align their strategic plans for the next three years. This involved building a growth programme to better realise opportunities in a growing market.

Market growth was high but internal initiatives were not aligned to exploiting this.”

Case Study

Oaklin was engaged by a nationwide Canadian retail business to aid in building consensus and alignment for their three-year strategy. It was identified by the Executive Leadership Team that while the business was performing well, internal strategic programmes were not focusing on harnessing the markets full potential. Market growth was high but internal initiatives were not aligned to exploiting this.

Further, while improvement initiatives were in-flight and being delivered, limited realisation of proposed benefits had been seen to date. The business ultimately faced challenges in prioritising strategic initiatives, and effectively linking these back to the overarching strategy.

The initial work took place over a six-week period and focused on developing the case for investment in key programmes; defining a three-year vision; and developing a roadmap against which a portfolio of change initiatives could be prioritised.  

The approach largely consisted of leading and facilitating various workshops and interviews with the business. This included (but was not limited to): one-to-one business reviews with key stakeholders and influencers; strategic planning workshops with the senior leadership team; and, mobilisation workshops with key programme leads.

Final deliverables consisted of clear presentations to ensure alignment across the group board; a three year roadmap to realise the strategic plan; full descriptions of all value creation workstreams, initiatives and projects; fully costed business cases and P&L impacts; and, a range of recommendations for key personnel to lead future initiatives.

By applying the Oaklin Architecture Framework and the information gleaned from spending time with the business, the client was able to define a clear Growth Programme. This provided a clear line of sight between seven strategic priorities underpinned by numerous enabling activities, each with clear ownership from an Executive Leadership Team member.

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