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Social contract

At Oaklin, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. Whether it is running in the mud to raise awareness for mental health initiatives, promoting gender and economic equality or striving to be a carbon neutral business, we are extremely proud of the CSR work we do.

Our community and social contributions are guided by a set of principles we believe will generate the best outcome for our CSR partners and for us as a team. Our policy is based on the need for our community and social contributions to meet the following principles:

  • Any work we do must genuinely add value and be sustainable
  • It must build meaningful and sustainable relationships that are based around trust and shared values
  • It must foster inclusivity; having a CSR agenda that everyone feels they can get involved in and be part of
  • Our CSR efforts must bring us closer together as an organisation. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and every contribution should be something the whole Oaklin team understands and can be proud of.

Through this social contract, we aspire to go above and beyond the requirements set out under the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 – which requires businesses to merely consider their social impact. Through our social contract, and multi-lateral relationships with our supplier and client ecosystems, we are proud to demonstrate how our social values and initiatives are deeply embedded in everyday activities within Oaklin.