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What we do

All organisations must change to survive and flourish. We help our clients by providing the expertise, experience and good judgement they need to change at scale.

Across a wide range of sectors and organisations, we have built deep functional experience in finance, HR and IT, as well as across procurement, communications and mergers and acquisitions. To this we add our established capabilities, our tool kits for delivering successful change, that enable us to deliver exceptional results regardless of the problem.

At Oaklin, we always want to go one step further. Simply meeting the requirement is not enough, we want to deliver change that is truly exciting. It doesn’t matter if we are designing a programme to shift a market, or delivering an email to change a mind, we are obsessed with outcomes that excite and inspire. It calls for intellect, creativity and a lot of hard work, but it’s what makes a difference, so it’s what we do. 

“Oaklin were immediately at home and integrated into our existing structures, providing support and advice both in content and methodology. We do not usually allow references at all – but are happy to make an exception in this case!”

Ari Lehtola, Wipak Group Finance Director